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Environmental Monitoring

Microbiological environmental monitoring describes the microbiological testing undertaken in order to detect changing trends of microbial counts and micro-flora growth in critical or controllled environments areas like cleanrooms, laminar flow hoods, biological safety hoods, isolators.

The results obtained provide information about the performance of heating, ventilation, the physical construction, air-conditioning system, gowning practices, equipment, personal cleanliness and cleaning operations.

  • Sampling locations

    The sampling locations shoud be based on risk of microbiological contamination. They also should be clustered around areas where product or components are exposed e.g.
    -Where aseptic connections are made
    -Where there are high levels of operator activity
    -At filling heads on filling lines
    -Stopper bowls
    Our team will coordinate with your manufacturing facility to quickly test and report results. Our scalability supports overflow sample collection as well as large-volume testing when the unexpected occurs.

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